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Everyone, leaders or bosses, employees or workers, once have taken off their uniforms, wear just one garment: they are people. Taking the human factor as the basis for every relationship, professional connections move to a new level, evaluation criteria for any kind of relationship change and the quality of life improves. We believe in an evolution, from enterprises to Social Business Enterprises, sustained by social communication on web, based on involving people, on trust, honesty and open-mindedness.


Do it human is a life-style, so it can be applied to every moment and every field.


Whether you’re a customer, an employee or a contributor, first of all, for us you are a person.


Gratitude is contagious: if you plant a thank you, you will harvest ten more.


Happiness is our modus operandi: who works happily, is more productive.



We work with clients that believe in us and in whom we trust.


People are our source of inspiration; every encounter we make, it’s a moment of personal growth.


The most important thing is not the amount of hours you spend at work, but their quality.


What’s the difference between life and work? None!

About us

Do it human it’s based on an idea by Diego Leone and Alberto Manieri, two young entrepreneurs; it aims to bring the human factor into communication, education and publishing. It’s a new and contemporary way of working, something that was missing. How? Promoting happy work both with its team members and with its customers.


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Happy clients


Amazing projects


Working hours


When we think about communication, we always consider it as a dialogue. We try to understand the potential, the value of customers and which their message is: unique, as each of them. We do this through various channels: social networks, blogs and websites, always keeping in mind that on the other side there are not just impersonal “users", but individual human beings with whom to relate.

What we do
do it human comunicazione


We share the messages and the stories narrated by people who believe in human philosophy and that trough the written word, can truly express themselves and open up new ways for change and sustainability. Whether you are a book worm or a writer who wants to spread his message, we’ll put you in touch with other people through tales, words and stories .

Online very soon


Companies who had trust in our work and have chosen our team to realize their dream, their ideas
either just to change their point of view, they are people, before being customers.


Write, call, tweet or - even better- let’s meet up in person!


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